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Kent Dance Network @The Beaney

Look Kloser was part of a week long residency with other artists from Kent Dance Network. Stella and I spent two days in the museum, exploring and choreographing together. We danced our way through the various rooms, exploring the exhibits through dance. We were both taken by the dolls house collection. The collection was one ladies own collection of pieces that she had found or made on her travels round Europe with her mother. We decided to tell the story through dance. Rather than mother and daughter, we were two friends travelling and exploring together; on the hunt for dolls house furniture. We ended the piece placing the items we had found into the dolls house that is there for visitors to interact with.

What an experience it was! Stella shone like the dancer that she is. Full of raw talent and a subtlety to her movement that was both simple yet beautiful. The audience couldn't help but smile and join in. For Stella it was an opportunity to perform as just herself, rather than as part of a large group; and for myself it was an opportunity to work closely with just one person. There is a sense of freedom rather in being able to explore an idea and space with just one other person. The relationship between us as dancers is deep and full of meaning. To be able to spend two days working alongside each other in a beautiful space; and then to perform to a fabulously enthusiastic audience will stay with me for ever.

To take centre stage with Stella gave me a sense of pride. I feel proud to have tailor made an opportunity for her to choreograph and perform in such a unique setting; and proud to have performed myself. In the almost three years since Look Kloser started; this was the first time that I myself have performed. Needless to say, this has inspired me to continue to find more performance opportunities, unique venues and to create more work for my own creative portfolio.

Many thanks to Kent Dance Network for the opportunity, to The Beaney for hosting, and to for the amazing photos

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